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Agave Admin Portal

A web portal to see errors, logs, usage metrics, system health, and tokens — all in one place.

Agave Admin Portal

Debug Fast

  • Debug: see all API errors in one place.
  • Understand: find errors fast using detailed logs.
  • Independence: resolve errors without going through us.
Agave Admin Portal Debug
Agave Admin Portal Usage

See Usage Metrics

  • Users: see data on your users, like API requests by type, day, and system.
  • Account: see data on your account, like number of end users and linked accounts.
  • Export: download raw data to store and query in your tools of choice.

Check System Health

  • Source systems: view the status of source systems by stage (e.g. dev, prod).
  • Agave: view the status of Agave’s systems by stage.
  • Instant: data updates instantly via our canaries, removing delays staying informed.
Agave Admin Portal Status
Token Generation

Manage tokens

  • Create: generate new API tokens without needing to go through us.
  • View: see the API tokens you’ve generated in the past.

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