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ProcurePro: Drastically Speed Up the Integration Process

“Our engineers can build our app whilst Agave engineers work out all the funky stuff with the legacy system APIs. Then, our speed to develop multiple integrations increases because using the same endpoints is practically instantaneous.”

— Alastair Blenkin, CEO of Procure Pro

The Need for Integrations

Construction workflows are becoming digitized, but the software landscape is highly fragmented — large players like Procore, Autodesk, Oracle, Sage, and Trimble all have substantial share in the market. It is critical for new construction software companies to integrate with those existing players, so they can provide a streamlined experience and sell to users of those well-established platforms.

ProcurePro is one of those companies. Being a procurement startup who just crossed $2b in project value, they want to make it easy for users to import their project data from systems like Procore, Aconex, and Jobpac to their platform — saves time for their user and unlocks growth opportunities for the company.

ProcurePro Homepage

ProcurePro Homepage

The Challenge with Integrations

The challenge, however, is that integrations are painful to build. While there are increasingly more modern solutions in the field (like Procore and PlanGrid), construction is still full of legacy systems with unreliable documentation. The team had to spend weeks and months first getting access to those systems and then shooting in the dark when things were not working as expected, which happens all the time. Sometimes, they had to give up and shelf the project for a while, until the next brave soul picks it up.

Even for the more modern systems, they don’t speak the same language and they each have their own flavor of how to handle similar functionalities. Construction software companies need to understand and handle each system differently, and that’s a big time sink even for the “easy-to-integrate” systems.

That’s why ProcurePro got extremely excited when they met Agave.

The Solution by Agave

Agave takes care of the most challenging part of integrations so ProcurePro doesn’t have to. We specialize in dealing with out-of-date documentations, legacy code, and unreliable APIs. We iron out the kinks for you — hide all the inconsistencies among different systems and present you with a modern API and a clean document that you can trust. And that’s exactly how we helped ProcurePro.

Not only did we help ProcurePro quickly launch project imports from Procore, making it much simpler for Procore users to onboard ProcurePro and keep their data in sync, we also helped unblock integration with Aconex and Jobpac, much more challenging systems to get into.

And the best part is, ProcurePro didn’t have to do anything extra. Thanks to Agave’s unified data models, ProcurePro can enable project imports from more systems without changing the code, saving them months of engineering work.

Import Project Login to Source System
Edit Project Confirm Sync

Live project import experience powered by Agave. Showing Procore but the same experience is enabled for Aconex, and soon, Jobpac as well.

The Experience Working with Agave — Hear it First-hand

Throughout the process, we were praised for:

1. Responsiveness

Agave is proactive and responsive to address all the feature requests, questions, and errors occurred during testing. The fast turnaround makes Agave an ideal partner for new integrations.

2. Engineering resources saved

Agave takes on the most complicated parts of integrations: navigate around legacy systems and business processes to present ProcurePro a clean and modern data interface. Agave has already saved them weeks and months of development work.

3. Technical Excellence

Agave builds integrations at industry-leading standards. From the security compliances, to the design of models and endpoints, and to the documentation, everything is top-notch.

Hear it directly from the ProcurePro team:

“They are basically pushing out endpoints and adjustments to the product faster than we can utilize them. In terms of a team to work with and rely on, they are absolutely first-class and couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

— Alastair Blenkin, Founder & CEO

“The documentation is very detailed and always kept up to date. This makes it easy to integrate — there's no guesswork. What you see is what you get.”

— Wouter Peschier, Senior Software Engineer

Do you need integrations to save your customer hours manually pasting in duplicated information on your platform? Use Agave and make it effortless for them to import data from Procore, BIM 360, PlanGrid, and other systems today!