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Pricing Plans for Software Vendors

Agave Saves You Time and Money vs. Building In-house

Pay monthly based on the systems you use.

Each package includes:

  • Sandbox accounts with curated sample data
  • Unified and source_data formats
  • Unlimited Agave users (your teammates)
  • Unlimited unified API requests (within rate limits)
  • Unlimited passthrough API requests (within rate limits)
  • Support via email, Slack, and Teams
  • Access to system-specific guides that accelerate integration
  • 100GB of files transferred each month ($0.25/GB after that)


  • Cloud system: Systems that run on shared cloud environments managed by software vendors.
  • Hosted system: Systems that run in dedicated, tenant-specific cloud environments.
  • On-prem system: Systems run locally or on on-premises servers.
  • *Account: Instance of a system (e.g. one customer’s Viewpoint Vista).

Discounts: Discounts available for paying annually, purchasing at volume, and for early stage startups.

Step 2: Pick Your Add-ons

Add-on Price
Webhooks $400/mo for all systems and accounts
Adv. Webhooks (include systems that don't natively support it) $800/mo for all systems and accounts
File Manager $400/mo for all systems and accounts
White-label Link Component $200/mo for all systems and accounts
Branded Marketplace App [1] $200/mo each

[1] Requires the White-label Link Component

Need help deciding?

Share your email and we’ll reach out to understand your needs. We also provide a free tier for you to test all integrations in our sandbox environments.

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