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Agave API + Link Component

Integrate once with Agave API, and become integrated with many systems of record in construction.

What You Do

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Use Agave SDK

Develop your application in any language using Agave SDKs and Open API.

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Add Agave Link

Add a login component to your application with a few lines of code.

import { useAgaveLink } from "@agaveapi/react-agave-link";

const App = () => {
  const { open, isReady } = useAgaveLink({ 
  	linkToken: "<link-token-from-backend>", 
  	onSuccess: (public_token) => function(public_token) {}
  return (<button type="button" disabled={!isReady} onClick={open}>Open Agave Link</button>);

Check out our documentation for more details.

What Agave Provides

One API to access data across all supported systems.
One consistent schema for construction data.
Front-end components that are beautifully designed and customizable for your users.
Privacy, security, stability, and performance at industry-leading standards.
Documentation that is clear and up-to-date.
Timely support from world-class software developers.

What It Means for Developers

Using Agave leads to leaner, cleaner code that enables your developers to spend more time focusing on your company's core functionality, instead of managing complexity from multiple integrations.

Without Agave

Adding integrations unlocks sales and improves retention. But Construction tech is fragmented and siloed, and integrations are complex to develop and maintain.

It can take months to integrate with one system, and hours each week having to monitor and maintain these integrations.

function getRFI() {

	// Custom pivot logic by vendor, each taking time to integrate and test
	switch(user.platform) {

	case 'procore':
		// Procore-specific API endpoints
		const options = {
			method: 'GET',
			url: `https://api.procore.com/rest/v1.0/projects/${rfi.project.id}/rfis/${rfi.id}`,
			headers: {Authorization: user.token.procore}

		request(options, function (error, response, body) {
			if (error || response.error || response.code !== 200) {
				// Procore-specific error handling

			// Procore-specific data mapping logic
			return {
				assignee: body.assignee.login,
				question: body.questions[0].plain_text_body,
				answer: body.questions[0].answers[0].plain_text_body,
				status: body.status,

	case 'plangrid':
		// PlanGrid-specific API endpoints
		// PlanGrid-specific error handling
		// PlanGrid-specific data mapping logic
	case 'bim360':
		// BIM 360-specific API endpoints
		// BIM 360-specific error handling
		// BIM 360-specific data mapping logic
With Agave

Integrate once with Agave API, get many integrations.

Launch new integrations in days (not months).

Agave lets you read and write data from many systems of record in construction, unblocking sales and expanding retention of your customers.

function getRFI(user, rfi) {
	// No pivoting logic
	const options = {
		method: 'GET',
		url: `https://api.agaveapi.com/rfis/${rfi.id}`,
		headers: {Authorization: user.token}

	// No data mapping needed
	request(options, function (error, response, body) {
		if (error) {
			// Handle the error once
		return body;

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