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Why Join us?

Become an early, pivotal member of a fast-growing YC startup modernizing one of the world's largest industries. We’re creating the data infrastructure for construction, an unsexy-but-huge industry ($12T).

You'll work with a world-class founding team that's tight-knit, experienced, intense, and ambitious. We've worked together for 10 years, first at a startup that Amazon acquired, then at Amazon, and now at Agave.

We're looking for world-class engineers who love solving hard backend problems related to distributed systems, unifying fragmented data, and simplifying complexity. You'll learn a ton while having outsized ownership.

Our Culture

We’re a high-performance team that values ownership, transparency, and growth. Low-ego, optimistic, and pragmatic.

  • Ownership: we think and act long term. We embrace the schlep and never say “that’s not my job”. We are relentless and view every setback as a chance to improve.
  • Bias for action: we default to acting, especially when decisions are reversible. We value speed and calculated risks. Done is better than perfect.
  • Low ego: we acknowledge we might be wrong and seek feedback to test our ideas. We aim for the truth and do not compromise for social cohesion.
  • Customer focus: we work backward from customer problems to create value. We avoid doing what seems cool or interesting to us.
  • Pragmatic optimism: we’re optimistic about the future and our ability to shape it. We create definite plans and avoid relying on hope and wishful thinking to achieve them.
  • Sound mind, sound body: we prioritize physical, emotional, and intellectual fitness.
Technical Problems Solve hard technical problems
Ship Code Ship code faster than you ever have
Build Startup Learn how to grow a startup from the ground up
Global Industry Reshape a critical global industry
Interview Process


Informal chat for you to learn more about the role. We'll ask for details on past projects. We want to know that you can code, and speak about your work clearly.



We'll dive into the details of your most technically complex or challenging projects. Our goal is to ensure you've worked on sufficiently challenging projects to ensure you'll be successful if you join us full‑time.



You'll meet with our CTO. He’ll ask you 1-2 coding questions (algorithm design) in your language of preference. We’ll test how you write, test, and debug solutions, and identify tradeoffs.


1hr × 5

In-person in SF. You'll interview with each co-founder and our lead dev. This will be a deeper dive into your technical abilities and overall fit. Each interview is 1hr: 45min for our questions and 15min for yours.

Healthcare: we cover 90% of your healthcare costs with several plan options.
401k: we match 100% of your contributions, up to 4% of annual salary.
Visa: we sponsor Visas (H1B, TN, etc.) for candidates who are a good fit.
Workspace: $1,500 to spend on items like chairs, desks, monitors, etc.
Mansion: work from our office, a 5BR manor. 15min. from downtown SF, just off the 280 and 101, near a bus stop and BART station. Easy parking too. Every window has an ocean view.
Gym: on-site gym with Peloton, squat rack, Tempo, Yoga setup, and more.