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Contractors Use-case Library

Context: General Contractor with 300+ projects across the front range and $1+ billion in contracts.

Need: Keep project teams on Autodesk Build and accounting teams on CMiC without doing manual dual data entry.

Impact: Agave keeps job budget and cost data in sync between Autodesk Build and CMiC.

From Tim Kelleher, Operational Standards:

“Agave captured Brinkman's requirements and built an integration we can rely on. As project complexity increases, we needed an integration to ensure Autodesk and CMiC provide accurate data to our project teams. This integration does exactly that.”

Context: A group of construction companies in California providing services such as construction management, concrete work, and payroll solutions.

Need: Sync Autodesk Cost Management data with both Sage 100 Contractor and Foundation.

Impact: Agave supports all sync workflows and makes it easy to manage the two different connections.

Context: Subcontractor in Washington State, specializing in surface preparation and the application of coatings.

Need: Sync data between Procore and Sage 100 Contractor.

Impact: Agave saves Sabelhaus time on payroll and managing project budgets, costs, and changes.

From Jeff Fuchs, Project Manager:

“Agave, thank you for being so diligent in making sure our data connection needs are met. It has truly been a fantastic experience.”

Context: Premier Build is a leading commercial interior company in Metro Atlanta with 500+ tailor-made projects.

Need: Better ultilize Autodesk Cost Management and sync with QuickBooks Desktop.

Impact: Agave standarizes and streamlines project cost data with the Sync product and saves hours in recreating the different records in both systems.

Context: Leading provider in Minnesota road construction and paving services.

Need: Sync employee data between Procore and QuickBooks Desktop.

Impact: Agave automatically syncs timecards from Procore to QuickBooks every night and makes running payroll a breeze.

Context: Leading contractor in the New Jersey—Philadelphia area.

Need: Summarize project data to calculate quality performance score and identify the projects to improve.

Impact: Agave provides quick access to project data with a series of dashboards for RFIs, Submittals, Daily Logs and more.

Context: One of the top contractors in the United States, consistently ranked in the ENR 100 list.

Need: Update metadata for hundreds of projects in Procore.

Impact: Agave enables bulk editing and updating Procore data by uploading an Excel file.

Context: One of America's largest general contractors and ENR's 2023 Contractor of the Year in California.

Need: Streamline workflows in Procore to remove repetitive tasks performed during project inspections.

Impact: Agave enables bulk actions in a simple interface, removing tedious work prone to human error.

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