Connect the world’s construction data and make it useful for all builders

Agave is modernizing construction tech, creating a unified experience in a world of siloed data and fragmented systems. The connective tissue for the software you and your customers use.


We bring technical expertise in high-scale, multi-tenant software, natural-language processing, data integration across thousands of sources, and public APIs used by enterprise customers. The majority of the team spent more than six years building the technology that powers Q&A for Amazon Alexa worldwide.

Tom Headshot
Tom Reno

Led 21 Engineers across 3 Teams at Amazon

John Headshot
John Zucchi

Led Alexa's Enterprise Product Launch

Pooria Headshot
Pooria Azimi

Core Engineer behind Alexa’s Q&A Platform

Samantha Headshot
Samantha Zhang

Lead Designer for Alexa's Data Visualizations

Austin Headshot
Austin Alameda

Core Engineer behind Alexa's Enterprise Product Launch

Matt Headshot
Matthew Swanson

Engineer for Civacon’s Tank Management System

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