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Software Vendors Use-case Library

Context: Leader in project-management software with a multi-billion-dollar market cap.

Need: Integrate with customers' ERP systems to connect project management data with project costs and finances.

Impact: Agave enables automatic sync between Builders' Procore and ERP systems, removing dual data entry and granting near real-time visibility into project finances.

Context: Helps contractors document and communicate job progress through photos.

Need: Import Projects from construction PM and CRM platforms and sync photos back in real-time.

Impact: Agave not only enables the syncing feature, but also helps CompanyCam establish their brand presence on all the systems' marketplaces.

From Corey Collins, Senior PM:

“Agave allowed us to quickly scale up the number of integrations without the added support or maintenance costs. The branded app product is a game changer. It allowed us to keep our brand presence on our partners' marketplaces, which is incredibly important.”

Context: Saves general contractors time in the procurement process.

Need: Import Project metadata, Drawings, Files, and Specs from Builder's systems to prepare tender packages, and write bidding information back.

Impact: Agave significantly saves the developer time spent on integration and enables a seamless experience for ProcurePro customers.

From Alastair Blenkin, CEO:

“Our engineers can build our app whilst Agave engineers work out all the funky stuff with the legacy system APIs. Then, our speed to develop multiple integrations increases because using the same endpoints is practically instantaneous.”

Context: Leading End-to-End AP automation software built to help construction and real estate companies instantly process and pay invoices, 2- or 3-way match POs, and more.

Need: Integrate with construction software to eliminate manual work and automate the entire AP workflow.

Impact: Ottimate customers can spend 80% less time on manual invoice and payment management and more time moving jobs from in progress to completion.

Context: Construction payments software that helps contractors send invoices and pay bills faster.

Need: Retrieve data required to handle invoicing and billing, then update customer's accounting systems once payments are made.

Impact: Agave fetches Customer, Vendor, Account, and Invoice data, and registers Payments automatically behind the scenes.

Context: Helps general contractors track vendor compliance across their project portfolio.

Need: Automate reading Vendor and Project data from customers' ERPs into TrustLayer, and writing compliance data back to those ERPs.

Impact: Agave fully automates this round-trip, removing hours per week of manual paperwork for each customer.

Context: Provides a seamless platform to order and ship plans anywhere in the U.S. as soon as the same day.

Need: Enable GCs and Subs to quickly select, order, and ship plans from within their Procore accounts.

Impact: Agave assists Plans4Less in launching an embedded experience in Procore. Also provides APIs and guidance for a custom built file picker.

Context: Helps subcontractors quickly and accurately invoice clients with different billing specifications.

Need: Pull in all financial data needed to generate accurate invoices and keep them updated in the customer’s ERP.

Impact: Agave helped Siteline sync customer invoices to multiple ERPs quickly by abstracting ERP invoice and workflow nuances.

Context: Streamlines time and progress/cost tracking for construction field teams.

Need: Retrieve project and employee data from ERPs to pre-populate timecard and costing workflows. Automatically sync timecards back to customer accounting systems.

Impact: Agave’s unified endpoints accelerated busybusy’s expansion to new market segments while saving development time. Our filters streamline repetitive workflows through pre-filtered dropdowns and autofilled fields.

Context: Expense and spend management tools for more efficient budgeting, receipt entry, and approval.

Need: Import project, cost, and employee data from Viewpoint Spectrum to accurately manage expenses and then generate invoices.

Impact: Vendrix customers can automatically sync invoices to Spectrum with the correct cost designations and associated records.

Context: Helps property management and construction companies reduce insurance risk acrossproperties and projects.

Need: Automate insurance compliance tracking by reading Jobs and Vendors from ERPs and Project Management systems and writing back compliance data.

Impact: Agave automates this so Jones customers can see insurance data and view compliance statuses in their preferred systems.

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