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Connect Siloed Data, Quickly and Easily

Your data is scattered. From project management to financing to ERP systems, you are spending way too much time on duplicated entries, out-of-date information, and getting those platforms to talk with each other.

You put together an IT department, even a software team to make it more efficient, yet your developers have to spend most of their time integrating different systems together rather than actually solving your problems. Every single feature request takes weeks to months.

Use Agave and let our world-class engineers do the heavy-lifting for you, so your engineers can focus on solving your specific problems, not wasting their time on generic integrations. Give them a connected data plane that's easy to work with. Everything will be faster with Agave.

Building on top of a clean and connected foundation, you can then aggregate to them see the big picture of your operation, run projection and estimation more accurately, and automate repetitive tasks away.

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Spend Less Time on:

Building Integrations

Integrate, authenticate, and connect each system you are using.

Consolidating Data Models

Reading their documentation and convert their data models to what you want.

Repetitive Manual Work

Double-entry and constant manual checks to work around data silos.

Get More Time for:

Custom Dashboards

Build exactly what you need to see everyday. Pull data from all sources.

Automated Workflow

Determine how data should sync across systems and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Estimates & Projections

Use data across different systems to inform your business outlook.

Connect Your Data

Your data lives in siloed systems that don’t talk to each other. As a result, you spend time double-entering data or lose the benefits of having a central source of truth.

Agave aggregates and connects your data in a single place. This helps you link data across different projects and systems, giving you better visibility across siloes, easier search and retrieval, and more-helpful analytics to drive decisions.

Data Connect
Data In and Out

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Software vendors make it hard to extract data from their systems. This ties you to their products and prevents you from connecting systems to gain insight.

Agave’s unified data model is platform-neutral. We glue your systems together to make your data interoperable, decreasing your reliance on specific vendors.

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