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Agave Workato Connector

Integrate in minutes without code. Trigger Recipes and Actions across dozens of construction systems - cloud, hosted, and on-prem.

How it Works

1. Add Agave Connector to your Workato Recipe.
2. Use a pre-built trigger to start your Recipe, like when data changes or new records are added.
3. Pull data in from dozens of construction systems in seconds, whether they’re cloud, hosted, or on-prem.
4. Push data back to dozens of construction systems with ease, no coding required.


Removes the need for software developers/code to add integrations. Enables your team to build robust integrations in minutes.
Handles authentication across systems, regardless of type.
Outputs data in Agave’s unified format. No need to parse JSON, map fields, or cleanse data.
Access full raw data from each system, including custom and system-specific fields.
Supports all systems on Agave’s API.
Supports real-time triggers when data is changed or new records are added.
Use alongside all Workato actions.
Example Triggers

When this happens...
[in any system supported by Agave]

  • New a project is added in ERP
  • New employee hours are logged
  • Vendor compliance status is changed
  • Subcontracts are approved in Project Management system
  • Budget Line Items are uploaded to ERP
  • Payments are made in ERP
Example Actions

Do this...
[in any system supported by Agave]

  • Create project in Project Management system
  • Update timecard in ERP system
  • Update vendor status in ERP system
  • Create subcontracts in ERP system
  • Create budget line items in Project Management system
  • Update job costs in Project Management system

and more...

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