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Agave Collaborate

Share project data like RFIs upstream/downstream automatically to remove double entry. Control what you share, which accounts you share it with, and track changes over time.

Agave Sync

The Value Agave Collaborate Provides

Removes manual work copy/pasting data from hundreds of files (RFIs, submittals, etc.)

Reduces turnaround time on change events and RFIs

Creates real-time archive of data during and after each project

Lets you use your preferred systems, instead of what another party mandates

Works with any source system we support

Syncs any data types we support, both one-way and two-way

Streamlines process of accessing/granting permission to outside stakeholder’s systems


Lets you control what data and fields you share with each party

Provides visibility to track who’s seen what data and when

Tracking logs
Configuration interface

Simple, no-code configuration

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