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Buildup: Streamline User Onboarding with Integrations

“Agave provides a single point of contact for our integrations…It felt like an extension of our team. It’s great knowing that you have somebody who cares as much about our success as they care about the success of Agave.”

— Nathan Stankowski, Product Manager at Buildup

The Need for Integrations

Construction projects are complex and multi-stage. They span design, procurement, build, operation, and more, often in iterative loops. Each stage requires a dedicated software tool, and it’s tedious to share and sync data across all of them.

Buildup, an industry-leading punch list and inspection tool, is used to close-out these projects. Instead of asking their customers to spend hours manually copying project data from tools like Procore and BIM 360 into their tool, Buildup needed an easy way for their customers to import records from these systems automatically. This would reduce the friction for Buildup users, saving them time and money.

Buildup Homepage

Buildup Homepage

“Having an API integration with BIM 360 allows our customers to easily import their project data directly into Buildup without having to do any data export/import or duplicative work…it allows our customers to spend more time in the field and focus on the important tasks at hand.”

— Stephen Haskin, General Manager at Buildup.

The Challenge with Integrations

Before Buildup found Agave, they had built an integration with Procore in house. While Procore is a cloud software with APIs, Buildup’s engineers still had to spend time understanding the many data models supporting by Procore, handling user authentication, launching an app in the marketplace, and dealing with migrations they didn’t plan. For example, moving from traditional service accounts to developer managed service accounts. It’s not Buildup’s core business to understand Procore and other systems, and doing this for each system their customers use simply doesn’t scale.

The Solution by Agave

Agave simplifies this complexity by providing a single API to read and write from Procore, BIM 360, and many other systems. This gave Buildup a simple, plug-and-play integration that works the same across every platform their customers use - a single data model, way of handling authentication, login flow, set of documentation, and more. Buildup benefitted from Agave’s detailed explanations of construction concepts and walkthroughs on how each system works, which educated their software team and helped them move faster. As Buildup scales to support more systems, they can launch these quickly through their existing Agave integration.

Through Agave, Buildup users can now import their projects and the users, companies, and locations associated with the project directly into the Buildup platform from BIM 360.

Login via Agave Select a Project to Import
Project Metadata Import Related Objects

Live project import experience powered by Agave.

“I like Agave’s OAuth flow implementation. It was easy and smooth. From an engineering perspective, the fact that we didn’t not have to jump hoops setting up public redirect/callbacks for OAuth greatly eased the process.”

— Geofrey Ssekirime, Lead Software Engineer at Buildup

The Experience Working with Agave — Hear it First-hand

Buildup team had a great experience working with Agave, the top three reasons they quoted are:

1. Agave provides a great product

The API is very well-structured and construction-specific. Agave gives us clear and concise documents, enriched with sample request responses from all source systems, to minimize our efforts in building integrations.

2. Agave can be the single solution for all their integrations moving forward

Now that we are onboard with Agave, we can leverage their API to launch other 3rd party integrations quickly.

3. Agave has a great team

We have a shared Slack channel together. They are very helpful – readily available to help address any questions we had and made changes to improve the API based on our feedback. They’re great people, really friendly and collaborative.

Hear it directly from the Buildup team:

“When you are building your system with a partnership like this, the team matters at least as much as the product itself. The team is smart, knowledgeable, great to work with, and really cares about the construction industry.”

— Nathan Stankowski, Product Manager at Buildup

“They (Agave's guides and documents) were clear and concise, especially the API reference manual, which was enriched with sample request response details.”

— Geofrey Ssekirime, Lead Software Engineer at Buildup

Do you need integrations to save your customer hours manually pasting in duplicated information on your platform? Use Agave and make it effortless for them to import data from Procore, BIM 360, PlanGrid, and other systems today!