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Sync Data between Autodesk Build & Viewpoint Vista

Save time, reduce errors, and improve decision making.

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Supported Sync Data Flow

Module Autodesk Build Agave Viewpoint Vista
Core Companies AP Vendors
Core Companies AR Customers
Core Projects JC Jobs
Core Budget Segment Values JC Phase Codes, JC Cost Types
Core Budgets JC Original Estimates
AP Contracts (Purchase Orders) PM Purchase Orders
AP Contracts (Subcontracts) PM Subcontracts
AP Subcontract Change Orders PM Subcontract Change Orders
AP Cost Payment Applications AP Invoices
AP Expenses JC Job Cost Detail
AR Main Contracts JC Contracts
AR Owner Change Orders PM Approved Change Orders
AR Budget Payment Applications AR Invoices
AR Budget Transfers Internal PM Approved Change Orders

* Green arrows indicate our recommended and default direction; gray arrows shows other directions that are supported.
* As a best practice, we ask you to pick one direction from each data type.

How it Works

1. Create an Agave account.
2. Log in to each system in the Agave app.
3. Select which data objects you would like to share.
4. Select the frequency of sharing these data objects (e.g. manually, hourly).


Eliminate manual, double-entry when sharing data between Autodesk Build and Viewpoint Vista.
Access real-time financial information from Viewpoint Vista in Autodesk Build.
Keep your Accounting and Project teams in sync.

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